"Strength for You in a New Year"

Here we are! We have made it through another 365 days by the Grace and Mercy of God... or do you think so?  Do you believe that you have arrived at "today" by happenstance?  Do you believe that the past 365 days, 8,700 hours, 525, 600 seconds were just a portion of a payment that you feel was owed to you?

Have you ever considered that we have a New Year's celebration right after the celebration of Christ?  I do know that Jesus' birth date was not the 25th of December, however, it is the day in which the world over, celebrates God's coming to the earth as a man, through a baby.  (The only legal way to be on the earth. Unlike Satan seeking to illegally inhabit a body to possess.  That's a lesson we'll discuss at a different time for those that are not members of Shining Light). Back to New Years Strength.

There are some that do not share in the euphoria of a New Year.  There are those that do not see any reason to be filled with anticipation and expectation during this time.  There are those that cannot forget the debt that has followed them into a New Year.  There are those that are dealing with the loss of a loved one during last year.  Yes, there is a countless number of people that feel that a New Year is "just" another day.

Consider the following passages from God's word in Mark 9:1-5.  Here is the story of Jesus being transfigured.  He has taken with him to this mountaintop experience, a couple of His disciples.  Not fully understanding all that is going on or what applications can be gleaned for tomorrow's warfare, Peter makes an interesting statement that can help us receive Strength for the New Year.  Peter says as a result of this wonderful blessing and experience from God, "Master, it is great for us to be here." (vs. 5a)   Although, there are other comments made, let's chew this elephant one bite at a time.

Peter is so excited and filled with exuberance that he is ready to build a monument atop this mountain.  Have you ever experienced a mountaintop experience that was so great that you never wanted to come down?  Have you ever experienced such a peace of God that you wish you could forever bask in that moment forever?  Undoubtedly you have; whether you recognized that it was from God or not. I believe we all have experienced such a moment; that experience which causes us to wish that  time could forever stop and never move another second forward.  This however, is unrealistic on this side of living.  There comes that time when we must trek back down the mountain and go through the Valley.

However, these type of mountaintop experiences are meant for us to grow.  All of our experiences from yesterdays past are to be carried into our tomorrows.  They are meant to be shared with others. (i.e., Testimonies)  While we may find encouragement for today and tomorrow, our Mountain High and Valley Low experiences will assist us as we meander through the maze of life.  God wants us to take our collective mountain high joys and build up our fellow man.  He wants us to reflect all the way back to the early rocking in our cradles and see that His mercy and grace is new every morning!

Although, much like Peter, we want to shout aloud, "It's good for us to be here!"  during our Mountain Top experiences. However, we cannot always stay on the mountain.  Allow yourself to reflect, remember, and grow from your mountain top experiences.  There is a real strength that comes from climbing up, as well as descending down the mountain back into the valleys.  For it is in the valley that someone is in need of your experience.  It is in the valley that we test our true mettle. It is in the valley that we learn to appreciate and appropriate.  It is in the Valley that we can seek the face of God by peering into the face of our fellow man.  It is in the valleys of life that we find peace.

We can find strength in the New Year by remembering the Mountain top experiences of last year. There may be struggles, situations, and setbacks that seemingly have followed you into the New Year; but YOU can be different in the New Year by remembering why you were allowed the Mountain top experience.  Just know that, regardless of where you are, regardless of how tight your spot may be right now; to find yourself in the "Perfect Will" of God will cause you to at all times say..."It's Good For Us To Be Here."  For one day you will experience the ultimate Mountain top experience as a Child of God's through a personal relationship with Christ Jesus, You will see God, Face to Face and from that Mountain, you won't ever be required to come down.


~Let That Marinate!~
Be Blessed!

Pastor Jerome A.  Rogers, Sr





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