Give 'em Their Flowers, Now!

The Problem of Meantology
  Have you ever "meant" to get something done and for whatever reason it just didn't happen? Here's a story that I pray helps us all get rid of our "Meantologist Memberships".

There was an old fellow that loved the soup of this one lady. She really enjoyed making it for him because he really appreciated her making it. He was a well known guy in town and always there to cheer up anyone. His words of encouragement were always followed up with expressive concern.

One sunny day God dispatched an angel to call him home. At the funeral the whole town came out, there were flowers, telegrams, and all sorts of condolences, so many so you could hardly see the casket. As folk began to walk around and view the body, down comes the old lady carrying a "hot" bowl of soup. Everyone looked at her disdainfully; even the minister was startled and said, "why are you bringing him a hot bowl of soup?"

The old lady looked around and quietly stated, "If he can smell all these flowers surely he can smell this soup that he loved so much." None of the other towns folk had told this old man how much they appreciated him, but this old lady not only told him...she showed him even unto death.

The point is: Give 'em their flowers while they live. Nothing hurts more than "meaning" to visit the sick, tell a friend how much they are loved and appreciated than to hear that they have passed on before you could let them know.

Don't you want to turn in your "Meantologist Membership Card?"

(Story credit as told by Rev. Richard Cosey former Pastor of Pilgrim Green Baptist Church, Caseyville, Il.)

Let That Marinate      

                                                                      Pastor Jerome A. Rogers, Sr.

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