Now that school is out and Summer is here, children are prone to more injury and accidents. One sure thing that we can do is to envelope our children and all children within a Divine Safety Net of Prayer. We can begin by following the mandates and sure Protection and Security of the Divine word of God. 

Deuteronomy chapter 11, verses 18-21, contains not only a measure of protection for Summer but all seasons. It also is a list of Parental directives. Ensure that you do all you can in giving the best protection to your children and all children that really... "YOU CAN." 

Consider: The Do's and Don'ts 

    I wanted to give to my child some meaningful, yet, productive information so I said, "sit down child, I have to give a meaningful speech." My child sat down and I began to teach. These are the Do's and the Don'ts of life, after finishing I asked, "Do you understand?" The North and South nod of the head said you did well, Dad.

As I was about to walk away, and feeling proud, positive, and productive. I heard a still small voice say to me, "Sit down "MY" child, I want to teach you the Do's and the Don'ts. After finishing HE asked, "DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" ...Well, do YOU!? 

Keep 'Em Safe this Summer and every season. Teach them to your children (the Holy Scriptures) and remind yourself.

Let That Marinate

                                                            Pastor  Jerome A. Rogers, Sr.

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