It's Another Days Journey and...  I'm Glad About It!

Blessed Greetings to All, especially all first-time visitors.


    My name is Rev. Jerome A. Rogers, Sr. I am the Senior Pastor of the

Shining Light Missionary Baptist Church, located at 1216 Colas       

Avenue, in East Saint Louis, IL.  Just 2 miles east of the St. Louis 

Gateway Arch. I am the co-developer of Marinated Ministries,

God "is" the Chief developer, (Bro. Frank Odom is my Technical 

Director. Frank you are a God Send. Love Ya Bro.). God  has

ordained me to present this tool of ministry to masses of  people and Saints everywhere.


     It is my desire to present the "Message and Love of Christ" through a myriad of easy to understand, yet, 

convicting, convincing, and cheerful means and methods; In a time where everything seems to be a dull shade of

gray; God wants to heal all of humanity and He is raising up a standard, and calling forth people to deliver and

 receive His Word with integrity, credibility, compassion, and a creativity that is effective, yet

 non-compromising.  These are indeed times to "Rebuild" the broken walls within Spiritual buildings

 (God's Humanity).  To all of you that have prayed for, cried with, fasted with, and lifted Holy Hands and 

 faithful prayers of intercession for this ministry, Sandra and I THANK YOU so very much!  You all continue to

 be of great contribution to this ministry...keep it coming!

    After serving in the military for more than 22 years (Jul 78-Aug 00), appointed and anointed to preach and

teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ for over 22 years; God has, and continues to prepare and develop me for such a

time as this. Marinated Ministries doesn't boast nor purport to present anything new. However, God's divine diversity

and favor, is upon this ministry. Therefore, you will not find any "dysfunctional doctrinarism," just the Gospel according

to...The Will, The Way, and The Word of God.


                                                                           Marinated Ministries is designed, determined, and destined...


                                                                        to give the enemy's camp a Holy Ghost Fit; We encourage all Saints

                                                                         to Stand, Fight, Pray, Fast, and to "DO MINISTRY!"  Knowing

                                                                          always that "As We Go" in the name and Power of Jesus Christ, 

                                                                                            He has promised to be with you Always,

                                                                                                    even unto the end of the Age."


                                                                     So, C'mon, get in the Press with us, and in "Relationship with God,  

                                                              through Our Lord and Savior...Jesus Christ."





                                                            It's time to... Rebuild The Wall ONE SOUL At A Time!"

                                                    Now, Let That MARINATE!


                                                                          Jersan,     Sandra,    Jerome Sr.,   Jerome Jr.








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