A Word for The Young

    Are you a teenager and you feel that no one understands what you're going through? Do you feel that no matter what you do in trying to please your parents, please your friends, fit in with your peers, everything seems to just drain you and end up a big fat zero?  Well, there is a number of reasons for this.

    First your body is going through all sorts of constant changes.  Your hormones are colliding all over the place.  You are beginning to expand your own personal horizons and to top it all off, you're undoubtedly beginning to realize that some of the things that your parents and other adults have instructed you in came as good advice but often times they set bad examples.

    Well, don't be too hard on any of your past or present experiences, they're normal.  You have received the best that all had to offer you but the very best doesn't come until you realize and establish you very own personal relationship with God.  Sure this seems so mundane and common place but it's nonetheless true.

    In order to understand all the chaos around you is to understand your creator.  God has a wealthy place for each of us and we can never find the road map that leads us there outside of The Will, The Word and The Way of God.  There are so many wonderfully, positive, and prosperous things that God has for you but they will not just fall out of the sky.  Each day affords you an opportunity to grow and move towards that endeavor.

    Matthew 6:33, is the first step along that path.  If you've ever felt truly alone it's because the enemy (Satan) has sent his demons (negative thoughts, attitudes, and sometimes bad examples) to hinder you from your proper maturation.  There is no such thing as a bad teen.  Just teens that Satan wants to use and spoil the good that God has placed within and for you.  There are more than enough people that will tell you when they were right where you may now be.  However, there are plenty that will assure you that you don't want to follow in their footsteps.  Only to reach the point where your life is filled with many regrets.  You are right now in a place to flip Satan's script and reverse the curse of sin by allowing the Spirit of God to come into your heart.

    Sure peer pressure is tough and ever present.  Sure there are times when life just  doesn't seem fair.  Sure you may be thinking that's all good but you just don't understand my plight.  These and many other remarks are timeless and have been uttered by many, now adults, that were right where you may now be.  However, you can make it through.  You are reachable, teachable, and loveable.  God cares for you more than you'll ever know.  Not only does He care but He has a specific plan for your life.

    Just know this, if you will but give God a try today, your tomorrows will forever be brighter.  No, every problem that you face will not just dissipate overnight but you'll never go through them alone nor without absolute positive resolution.  Go ahead and hit that home run but first you must step up to the Plate!

Let that Marinate

                                                                         Pastor Jerome A. Rogers, Sr.

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