"Simple Seasoning"

Isn't it interesting how flavorful a special cut of meat becomes when it has been properly seasoned? Christ told us as Believers, that "we are the Salt of the Earth..." (Matt 5:13a). Additionally, He admonishes us not to lose our ability to flavor (influence) the earth. 

Salt is not good if it is no longer salty; if it has lost its savor, or its ability to season. Marinating is an excellent method of seasoning in these contemporary times. My great grandmother like many others was a great cook of just plain food from the "Plains States." She was a simple woman born in the late 1890's and she departed this life in the 1990's. She had a great influence (savor, salt, seasoning) over my life.  I remember how well she prepared fried fish. Often the ones that we fished out of our pond were too small to eat or prepare to eat. 

Periodically, a truck farmer would come along in Okemah, a rural town of Oklahoma, selling fish. Occasionally, my grandmother would make a purchase after our  much pleading to buy from the "Fish Man."  I had always thought him to have the best fish in the world embedded in that ice on the back of his pickup truck, because it tasted so good when Mama Hettie cooked it. I later learned in my adult years that the secret of the good tasting fish wasn't really in the type of fish, nor the waters they were fished out of, nor in the sole ability of the "Fish Man" to select the best; but in my great grandmother's plain and simple old recipe.
 She would scale, clean, and filet select choices of fish (perch, catfish, etc...). She would then place these delicacies in a shallow pan of cool water to allow the fish to stay chilled in the refrigerator until time to actually cook them. Once they were pan fried to perfection, there was no further use to add any seasonings to enhance the flavor. Her secret ingredient was Salt and Love.  Everyone enjoyed a varied amount of salt, but no one would need any added salt nor was it too extreme for anyone who didn't nor couldn't have much salt in their diet. While the fish were "chilling", they were actually marinating in cool water that had been properly salted.

This is how God allows the various Trials and Tribulations that we all face in this life to season and prepare us for His purposes.  Your trouble is just "Cool Water" thawing you out; marinating your life, preparing you to be "All That God has designed you to Be." Pretty much like that of my Mama Hettie's 20th century Plainswoman recipe for frying fish; seasoned just right.

May God's Word marinate, resonate, and illuminate your life.

                                                                Minister Marticia Banks-Booker   
                                                                                    G.L.O.R.Y Ministries, Lorton, VA

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