In Memory of my Beloved Grandmother


Mrs. Lubirdia Rogers


This page is dedicated to the Life and Memory of my Beloved Grandmother.


I give thanks to God for allowing me the privilege and blessing of having a true messenger sent from heaven

who not only taught me but also showed me the way to Christ, and performed double duty as my



Truly this woman was an "Angel". Everyday of her life she expressed what the Love of Christ looks like. 


Not only was she my grandmother but also, my 1st Sunday School Teacher; My mentor and modeler; A 

friend of unparalleled worth; Her instruction was through the vehicles of "precept and example."

St. Francis of Assisi, must have had her in mind when he stated, "Preach the gospel at all times... 

and sometimes use words."


She was a friend to every stranger, a lover of God's humanity, and a beacon of light to all. The steadfastness

of  her faith was undaunted by sickness, reversals, and setbacks within her life. Her every stride was poetry in  

motion. Her words were always laced with the sweetest nectar of encouragement. Her counsel -Profound;

Her life - Prolific: Her giving - Selfless; Her smile - Radiant; Her presence - Precious;

Her love - without Respect of Person;  Her Life - WELL LIVED!


She departed this life with the same grace and strength in which she lived. Never a word of complaint, 

never a mention of  pain, every morning she uttered a, "Thank You Jesus!" every night, an

"It's been a Good day!"


 To know her, was to love her: to hear of her, was a desire to meet her, to fellowship with her was a journey

 you never wanted to end. I'll miss you grandmother, but I won't complain. I endeavor even the more to get to

 where you are. You "fought a good fight of faith and endured hardness like a good soldier",

you've made it to your eternal and Heavenly Home.


The legacy, life lessons, and the example you displayed, I shall always cherish and remember. Small in stature,

yes you where. A loyal and loving person, that too. A constant source  of encouragement and inspiration,

without a doubt. A Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, Great-Great Grandmother, Aunt, Sister,

and Friend, all of these hats you did wear, and wore them well. 

However, more than anything, you were a Christian Soldier that 'Never Retreated', you were a Warrior!


I along with the rest of the family shall sorely miss you. But every day give thanks to our God for

 having you in our lives, and sending you unto us for these past '95' years.


 Not just another rose plucked from God's earthly garden...

but an entire Rose Garden!

SUNRISE: 23 July 1911 ~ SUNSET: 30 August 2006

"Your work shall perpetually speak for you, and of our God."

Mrs. Lubirdia Rogers

                                                                        Pastor Jerome A. Rogers, Sr.


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