In Memory of Junetta "Neicie" Ramsey

This page is dedicated to the memory of our Beloved Sister Junetta "Neicie" Ramsey.  She battled cancer for the past two years, God has now called her home to rest.  We give thanks to God for allowing us the privilege of knowing such a wonderful person, and real faithful friend. 

Junetta was an expressive example of what a "Christian" is.  She shall be sorely missed by this Pastor, and the entire Shining Light Missionary Baptist Church Family. 

 A rose has been plucked from God's earthly garden.  We give Him eternal thanks for allowing us to smell the sweet savor of her life, and works within her community, and church. 

"19 August 1960 - 21 May 2001"

Your 40 years were not in vain; you made the best of the dash (-) in your existence.  You accepted Christ into your life; with Him, now you are...You've earned your Rest.


                                                                        Pastor Jerome A. Rogers, Sr.


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