"Dedicated to Our Son on His College Graduation"

~Congratulations Lil Jay~


    Again, Sandra and I thank God for the ability, and blessing to our son graduate once again, this time from College! Your graduation is a blessing of special significance. It was in the month of December almost 24 years to-the-date, (30 Dec 1981), that Sandra and I, were blessed with the birth of our first child (Jerome (Lil Jay) Antone Rogers, Jr.). On that cold December night in Zwolle, Netherlands, Lil Jay was born 2 months premature and with complications. We were told by the doctors not to make mention that we were even having a child because they didn't expect  he would make it through the night. However, God is God and He always has the final SAY! And on 17 December 2005, God has said, that young child will graduate college- and he has!

     So today son,  your mother, Jersan, extended family members, and I are extremely proud of your accomplishments in life thus far, and very thankful to be recipient's of God's tremendous and gracious blessings.  You are a blessing to us. We couldn't be more proud of you.  You have been an outstanding son, and a great teacher in the art of parenting (Smile). We thank God for allowing us to have a part in the lives of two very fine young adults.

   It has been quite a few yesterdays that you were but a little bundle of joy in our arms.  As you continue to soar, continue also in keeping God "first" in your life and your success potential in all that you endeavor will be realized.

    It doesn't matter so much that you do things as I, your mother, or any other person may want, but it matters always that you do as God wants. You've been given a good foundation, and now it is your task to faithfully build as you fly, be thankful in all your triumphs, humble in your failures, and encouraged through all your life's experiences.

    Continue as you have for the past 23 years son, and again, we are all so very proud of you, you truly deserve the very best that life has to offer.  Stay focused, stay faithful, and stay in the Will of God according to His Word and His Way!  (OK, Jersan, by the grace and mercy of God, we'll see you at your college graduation in 2008! Go get 'em girl!)


    Be Blessed Kids, We Love You Both!

                                                                       Mom & Dad




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