"Dedicated to My Daughter on Her Graduation"

~Congratulations Jersan~

    Sandra and I thank God for the ability, and blessing to see both our son and daughter graduate High School.  (Both are now in college.)  Jersan actually graduated early (last December) and marched with her class May 15, 2004.

     Jersan, your mother and I are extremely proud of your accomplishments in life thus far.  You, as well as your brother, have been tremendous blessings to us. We couldn't be more proud of you and Lil Jay.  You have been outstanding children and we just thank God for allowing us to have a part in the lives of two very fine young adults.

   Continue to keep God "first" in your lives and you'll reach your goals and meet with success in all that you endeavor.  It only seems like yesterday that you were two little bundles of joy in our arms.  You are now ready to spread your wings, and you both are ready to soar the great expanse that God has set before you.

    Continue as you have for the past 17 years Jersan, and (Lil Jay, 22), and always know that we are all so very proud of you, you truly deserve the very best that life has to offer.  Stay focused, stay faithful, and stay in the Will of God according to His Word and His Way!  (Lil Jay, we'll see you next year at your College Graduation!)


    Be Blessed, We Love You Both!

                                                                       Mom & Dad




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